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Nurmes Summer Academy and Summer Concerts July 3 - 11 , 2021

Welcome to Nurmes Summer Academy!! The registration is open until 15th of May. We will publish the program of Summer Concerts in April.

Teachers in the Summer Academy are: Tuija Hakkila, Antti Hotti and Anna Laakso (piano); Markku Mäkinen (organ and harpsichord), Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch, Antti Tikkanen and Minna Pensola (violin, baroque violin and viola d´amore), Lilli Maijala (viola), Robert Cohen and Lauri Angervo (violoncello and Alexander-Technique), Mikael Helasvuo (flute and traverso), Harri Mäki (clarinet), Eija Kankaanranta (kantele), Ville Komppa (History and analysis of chamber music), Timo Vuento (performing skills).

Looking forward to see you!!